Corps de style

«  Since 2005 Julien Spiewak has been developing the Corps de style series in interiors of museums and private collections in France and abroad. The artist produces an accurate inventory, in detail, where various parts of the body are integrated into the decorations. Many questions arise after reading his work…  »



Julien Spiewak, Musée Van Loon
Julien Spiewak, Palais Princier de Monaco
Julien Spiewak, Musée Ariana
Julien Spiewak, Museu da Republica




Julien Spiewak - Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu Honore de Balzac

Nouveau livre :

Julien Spiewak

Le Chef-d’œuvre inconnu d’Honoré de Balzac

Préface de Dominique Baqué

Éditions Espace_L, 136 p., 30 €

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